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Born out of our deep love and respect for authentic Indian art and music that has been echoing in small hamlets all over India’s vast lands since centuries, KalaNation aims to bring together Indian artforms on to a single platform.

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Shruthi Sunagar

"As a venture, we are dedicated to promoting music and art forms to the discerning urbanities. We aim to create a contemporary opportunity place for Indian art forms that bridge the gap between artists and their audiences; and exploring newer opportunities and platforms to include indigenous music and art forms in everyday lifestyles."


When we set out for this enormous task – we realized children, the future are very important stakeholders to our mission.


Runzun, is an initiative to to re-introduce the fading legacies of Indian music amongst the children of today. It is a scientifically designed journey to ignite curiosity towards provide Indian musical instruments and the music that they can create with them. Early music exposure has been proven to boost memory, spark creativity and increase the ability to sense patterns and symmetry - helping kids in areas of mathematics, language and arts. Designed in an experiential do and learn format, it opens the young minds to arts and artists through visuals, sounds and tactile pedagogies.


What is better than freshly roasted, hand-brewed, steaming cup of Mysore filter coffee? A cup of freshly roasted, hand-brewed, steaming cup of Mysore filter coffee with music, we say. Coffee or Kaapi as called in Karnataka provides an ideal early evening break soaking the drinker into its rich aroma, helping them unwind to the hectic day that has passed. We have joined hands with coffee outlets/cafe’s / lounges to curate kaapi kacheris – featuring passionate musicians who help the customers experience kaapi with mind, body and soul.


With the growing affinity of consumers towards originality and authenticity, the need for fresh entertainment has seen a steep spike. Increase in multi-channel media consumption has led to content fatigue and unique and fresh acts are need of the day. Mane concerts provide the perfect solution. They combine the warmth of hosting friends and family in the comfort of your own home with a fun twist. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Darbar ecosystems, we get musicians and artistes to perform for at the Patrons and their guests for authentic musical evenings. Friends, live music, and appetizing hors d'oeuvre make for an unforgettable evening soiree


In the past few decades, music therapy has played an increasing role in all facets of healing, evoking emotional responses to relax or stimulate people or help them heal. At Jijivesha, we combine musical knowledge with medical research to curate programs that help alleviate anxiety, depression, mood disorders. Jijivesha also associates with maternity specialists and hospitals to run musical meditation programs for pregnant women for a soothing effect on their emotions as it helps them de-stress, relax and changes their mood for better. (Grabhasanskar)


Explore the fascinating genre of Indian art through our variety of artist.

As a team, we harbor an intense enthusiasm for Indian arts and crafts. We often discussed our travels and people we met on the job. What we ended up finding was that there an ocean of knowledge, stories, learnings and philosophies passed on from generation to generation through music, arts, crafts and food.

Right at that moment we knew we have stumbled upon a treasure trove. Bringing this to more and more knowledge seekers, learners, music enthusiasts became our motto. We imagined creating immersive and innovative musical experiences for musicians and listeners. And that, was the birth of Kala Nation.

Why We Are the Best

India is known for its rich cultural legacy. Performing arts like classical dances are integral parts of Indian cultural.

Enormous talent pool

Right now, Kalanation boasts 2,000+ talented regional artists and it's all right here in one place.

Variety of Artforms

Kalanation has been successful in bringing over more then 73+ artforms.

Contribute towards Artists Well Being

With our transparent model, more then 1,000 artists have been benefited monetarily.

Happy Clientele

In the past 2 years, we have served over 200+ corporate & government clients.

Large Inventory of folk & regional artists with real-time availability and exclusive prices enable us to cater to all kinds of needs.

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The main purpose of art here is not mere entertainment, neither does it elevate the everyday to the sublime. Art serves as a beautiful way of bringing communities closer and the narratives highlight the true colours of the spirit

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